The State of CWM 2016-2017: Adapting to a New World of Work

Are You REALLY Ready for the New World of Work?

The old notion of contingent labor is being replaced and reshaped by a modern, trendy version called the gig economy, and 2016-2017 are poised to propel it to new heights. If you’re not part of the crowd moving forward, you may be part of those left behind.

As the world of work transforms, you can learn to spot the signals, embrace the changes and face the challenges head-on by reading Ardent Partners’ latest research, “The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2016-2017: Adapting to a New World of Work,” underwritten in part by DCR.

Download this report to peer into a complex experience where:

  • Only 51% of companies say they understand and are prepared to alter talent strategies
  • A whopping 72% of organizations think an ecosystem will help address talent, spend, supplier and quality of CWM
  • A mere 48% of contingent labor is accounted for in planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Best-in-class CWM programs are nearly 70% more like to utilize spend management strategies

The future of work is here! Business intelligence is the key to understanding the true impact of the gig economy. Are you prepared?

Grab this report and see how prepared you REALLY are!

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