DCR Technology Overview

Technology Overview

DCR’s innovative technology solutions are designed to address complex challenges and requirements across diverse organizational environments. Our technology platform provides a reliable and scalable foundation for developing and managing your non-employee workforce.

Our cloud-based infrastructure delivers fast and easy access to global best practices, providing unmatched expertise and unparalleled support. We boast a full portfolio of technical services that are built to support your technology solution.

Harmony & Integration

Harmony & Integration

We recognize the importance of proper integration of applications to create stable work streams, optimize business processes, and maintain integrity and security. DCR’s Workforce implementation team has the knowledge and experience to lead and ensure a harmonious incorporation with your existing systems. Our staff and our system work with ERPs, time-keeping, and procurement applications such as SAP, ARIBA, KRONOS, and many others.

Smart Agile

Smart Agile

You shouldn’t have to wait for your business software to catch up to the industry norm. We respond quickly to customer demands, and our rapid development cycles ensure that your technology is always ahead of the market. We employ the Agile Methodology, which is comprised of short and defined sprints and iterations so that we can deliver and assimilate high-quality software in a manner that is fast and efficient. At DCR, we ensure that you’ll never miss out on the “latest and greatest” modernizations.

While many organizations use an Agile approach for software development projects, at DCR we’ve taken it a step further – we have customized the methodology into our own proprietary “Smart Agile” methodology for implementation with well-defined sprints with user stories, a trackable product backlog, and retrospective. The key of Smart Agile is to have 3-week iterations with defined release plans so that every feature, configuration, and modification has a defined release date that can be communicated. There are no long-drawn release cycles. Each iteration has its own quality assurance, sandbox rollout, and a release plan.



Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to configure Smart Track for your local market requirements and regulations. The program can be calibrated to not only select multiple languages, various currencies, and different time zones and date formats, but to also comply with local laws and taxation specifications.

DCR Roadmap

Product Roadmap

Our product roadmap is driven by the needs and requirements of our customers. Our ecosystem of clients, partners, and suppliers enable us to map our innovative technology to our collective vision for the future of non-employee workforce management.

We are committed to using innovative approaches such as gamification, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, to improve the stickiness of our technology and provide simple solutions to complex problems for our customers and suppliers.

DCR Idealab

DCR idealab

The pace of change is exponential, creating a need for companies to build core competencies in envisioning the future and developing technology that provides customers with long-term competitive advantage. At DCR, we are committed to combining technologies and services to enable customers in managing their non-employee workforces in ways previously not possible. Our dedication to innovation is self-evident in the sheer number of industry “firsts” available in our technology.

We encourage our teams to break away from conventional thinking to identify ideas that have the power to shape the industry. We bring together business analysts, developers, industry experts, software engineers, and data scientists to creatively collaborate on designing practical data-driven solutions that simplify the complexities our customers face.

DCR idealab provides a forum for data-driven origination. It is a hub where we think broadly about the potential applications for disruptive technologies, build an innovation roadmap, and rapidly prototype new technology.