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DCR’s technology products are innovative solutions designed to address complex challenges and unique requirements across diverse organizational environments. We offer the most flexible and robust tools in the industry, all built on a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure.

technology overview

Technology Overview

Our technology platform provides a reliable and scalable foundation for developing and managing your non-employee workforce. We own a full portfolio of technical services that are built to support your technology solution.

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vms system from DCR

Vendor Management System

It’s a well-known fact that a vendor management system can help to significantly lower labor costs and save considerable amounts of both time and effort. DCR’s award-winning, cloud-based Talent and Vendor Management System, Smart Track, offers a comprehensive software tool to manage all non-employee engagements. This flagship technology solution provides a unified approach towards the management of all types of contingent labor engagement from beginning to end.

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smart track xchange

Smart Track xCHANGE

Smart Track xCHANGE is an interactive community dedicated to matching top talent with top staffing professionals to fill the needs of our clients. It’s not just another candidate pool or supplier database; it’s an ecosystem in which everyone from the contingent worker to the client plays a role. The community that evolves allows clients to fill empty positions more quickly and to better retain valued non-employees for extended or future contracts. xCHANGE offers clients the next generation in social sourcing.

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DCR sow project management

Statement of Work (SOW) Solutions

DCR’s global Statement of Work (SOW) solutions can manage your service procurement efforts and the costs associated with outsourced project consultants. Our SOW solutions plan, automate, measure, control, and track your projects, ultimately eliminating the administrative effort and complexity of contract lifecycle management

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Smart Track NOW

Smart Track NOW

Smart Track NOW is a next-level, out-of-the-box Vendor Management System that provides an extremely agile solution for mid-market clients to handle your extended workforce now…and in the future. You can’t outgrow Smart Track NOW because it’s fully scalable to enterprise-level global requirements.

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contingent labor management from DCR

Contingent Workforce Management

From finding and selecting candidates to onboarding and off-boarding them, DCR’s contingent workforce solutions remove the complexity of managing your non-employee workforce by providing you with the technology and hands-on assistance you need. DCR’s workforce programs manage agency supplier contractors, SOW/project services, internally sourced payroll workers, and independent contractors, all using methods that increase your company’s efficiency and reduce your costs.

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