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Smart Track VMS

Smart Track, DCR’s SaaS-based Vendor Management System (VMS), provides full support for all aspects of contingent workforce management. The system offers operations personnel and corporate executives a single, unified approach to procure, manage, and analyze agency and independent contractors, Statement of Work (SOW), alumni, and other niche resource pools.

  • Operational Excellence - Streamlined processes allow clients to establish and quickly modify business rules, workflows, hierarchies, role-based access, and approval rights. Built-in functionality allows interfacing with leading ERP, timekeeping and HRIS systems in order to enable rapid assimilation with your existing information environments.

  • Innovation - Features utilizing social media open up new sources of contingent workers and offer fully qualified and screened candidates at lower rates. Our Statement of Work (SOW) solutions ensure your services procurement efforts and the associated costs remain on course with your budget and expectations.

  • Total Management - Manage and assess virtually every aspect of your workforce including requests for proposals, supplier contracts, workflows, approval processes, and of course, spend. Workforce intelligence capabilities extend beyond 200 reports including predictive analysis, market benchmarks, and trends over time.

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simple vendor management program

Technology Simplified

At DCR Workforce, we understand that business users want a vendor management system that is not only easy to use, but simple to implement. Smart Track is designed to be both.

DCR’s Smart Track is built on the premises of simplicity and ease from end-to-end. In just a snap, users understand how the system works, where to go, and what to do.

Our goal is to simplify technology with a product that is easy to navigate through, has intuitive user features, and requires minimal knowledge. No expertise is needed to accomplish a task in Smart Track. Menus are self-explanatory, guidance is available throughout, and reminders and notifications prompt users to take timely and appropriate actions. Additionally, templates are available and data re-populates where needed, further assisting the user along.

Smart Track works just like your favorite consumer website. It provides a visually appealing, informative, and efficient user experience, regardless of which device you use.

innovative vms tools

Innovation as Usual

We believe that innovation is one of the keys to success in moving forward. DCR Workforce’s dedication to innovation is self-evident in the sheer number of industry “firsts” available in Smart Track.

Just a few of our innovation differentiators demonstrate our commitment to true “out of the box” thinking, and are not representative of the large number of features which we have in Smart Track that are a step ahead of the competitors.
  • Applicant Questionnaire

  • Collaboration

  • Two-Way Messaging

  • Device independence

  • In-Memory Data Management

  • End User Content Push

  • Real-time Reverse Auctioning

  • NLP-based Candidate Matching

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Big Data Extraction

  • Gamification

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Voice-Enabled Requisitioning

smart track vms for workforce intelligence

Workforce Intelligence

Smart Track translates volumes of data that are generated each day into valuable insights needed to understand the environment in which you operate. The application offers a single platform for viewing and manipulating transactional and interactional data from different areas of your company and the marketplace so that you can evaluate the impact of temporary talent on overall performance.

Planning and Forecasting - Smart Track tools offer demand and spend forecasting, resource mix analysis, and bill rate adjustment analysis.

Reporting - On-demand reports as well as user-specific dashboards display numerous types of data breakdowns and results including spend, process/cycle time, purchase order and budget tracking, and performance by skill category or location.

Cost Control - Easily perform analyses of aggregate spend by supplier group or worker classification. Earned Value Management (EVM) reporting evaluates project costs against progress, thereby anticipating cost overruns.

Trend Analysis - Review metrics showing trends, scores, and ranking based on established performance. Comparisons can be made across job titles and locations and over various time periods, including monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

flexible solutions from smart track

Flexible Workforce, Flexible Solutions

At DCR Workforce, we recognize the need for a flexible technology solution to manage a flexible solution. We believe that your VMS should be built to fit your contingent worker needs both now and in the future. Smart Track VMS provides a strong foundation and is so flexible in design, it will continue to meet your organization’s requirements as it grows or as business objectives switch. Beyond turning features on and off, beyond defining a few rules and creating a few reports, features of the program can be customized or even added to support any type of company in any industry.

visibility and control of contingent workforce

Visibility & Control

Smart Track delivers the financial and operational information you need to gain a comprehensive, clear view of your organization’s extended workforce. By providing visibility into previously inaccessible areas, you can truly understand the ways in which your money is being spent and can balance available resources, grade suppliers, and identify areas needing attention.

Viewing - Configurable role-based dashboards and reports provide a complete graphical and interactive view of the most critical data allowing you to uncover hidden issues, spot policy violations, and identify anomalies across your business.

Tracking - Financial and operational metrics are constantly tracked, and vital comparisons such as for budget versus actual spend are even displayed during every transaction requiring approval of expenditures.

Communicating - The two-way interface between our system and industry-leading HRIS, time reporting, and onboarding and invoice/payment systems ensures data is up-to-date and accurate.

Scoring - Smart Track scores and compares candidates to provide market appropriate compensation and also scores and compares suppliers based on client-configured performance metrics.

rapid vms deployment

Deployment & Support

DCR ensures a simple, cost-effective, and rapid VMS deployment even for a complete workforce program transition. Gain control of your contingent workforce and project services within weeks. We provide a complete, “no surprises”’ blueprint from program inception through deployment, transition, training, and support.

Simple Technology Deployment - Dedicated teams of experts with extensive system knowledge and experience will configure and deploy Smart Track, including integration with industry-leading application such as ERP and HR programs.
Program Transition Across Your Enterprise - DCR offers a customized multi-phased approach that defines steps based on your priorities, required timeline, and desired degree of change.

Specialized User-Specific Training - Training modules are developed for each and every type of user including company program managers, hiring managers, supervisors, system and administrators as well as suppliers.

“Always-Available” Support - DCR provides 24/7/365 technical and usage support from onsite resources during extended business hours to a helpdesk that is available around-the-clock via telephone, email, and our website.

smart track vms on mobile

Smart Track Mobile

Smart Track allows you, your staff, suppliers, and contingent workers to conduct tasks and transactions using any device, be it a smart phone, tablet, laptop, wearable, or PC. The system supports remote requirement creation, candidate screening and selection, onboarding, time reporting and approval, and worker off-boarding. Stay in control of your temporary workforce management program while you are on the go, and keep your teams fully connected via Smart Track’s extensive suite of tools that are always available.

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