Smart Track NOW is a next-level, out-of-the-box Vendor Management System that provides an extremely agile solution for mid-market clients to handle contingent workforce management now…and in the future. You don’t immediately need a sophisticated VMS, yet you don’t want to get “stuck” with limited functionality. You can’t outgrow Smart Track NOW! This dynamic solution provides:

  • Rapid implementation to realize immediate ROI

  • Intuitive user experience for quick results and insights

  • Full scalability to enterprise-level global requirements

  • Add advanced modules such as Statement of Work (SOW) and service procurement

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Rapid Implementation

Less than one week to go-live. Our hands-on Smart Track NOW Implementation Methodology has the system up and running within a week, including client-specific requirements.

No development or custom coding required - yet it still gives you a rich experience and immediate insight into your contingent workforce.

Front-end configurability allows changes in a snap. We packed what formerly took months into a week, condensing time, yet still delivering a valuable and robust system, leveling the playing field with the big guys. It’s now easier than ever to:

  • Turn on or turn off features as you need them

  • Integrate with your systems (HRIS, Financial and others)

  • Add advanced modules such as Statement of Work (SOW) and service procurement

  • Grow globally

Easy to Use

The user interface is intuitive and extremely easy to learn. We provide training, comprehensive change management and hands-on VIP customer service and support every step of the way. Our dynamic dashboards allow you to have reports, analysis, to-do lists and calendars right at your fingertips in a customizable, drag-and-drop interface.

With our cognitive system, you ask a question and our frustration-free, intuitive search engine delivers the answer, without you having to sift through layers of data. And Smart Track NOW can find correlations or relationships in the data that no human eye can see.

You can invest in the solution, be up-and-running fast, learn its capabilities quickly and see results immediately – plus feel secure knowing you won’t outgrow it next month or next year.

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Full Scalability

Do not mistake this for a limited “version” of VMS technology - you won’t find format or template restrictions, controlled functionality or regulated workflows. Think of it as a starting point that allows you to tap into the rich resources of Smart Track only as you need them, so you’ll never have to worry about moving to a new system down the road. Smart Track NOW is responsive and adaptive to your ever-changing needs.

Not only will this help you avoid system disruptions, it eliminates the intense time and cost involved if you had to re-implement and re-learn a totally new solution. Are you ready to experience what Smart Track NOW can do for you?

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On the Go

Stay in control of your contingent workforce program while you’re on the go and keep your teams fully connected using any mobile device. Smart Track NOW Mobile provides an identical user experience to the desktop version with nothing else to learn and no missing functionalities.

Learn more about the Smart Track NOW Mobile experience.

Innovation as Usual

Smart Track NOW has many innovative features you won’t find anywhere else including:

  • Applicant Questionnaire

  • Smart Track Mobile (device-independent)

  • Real-time Reverse Auction

  • One-Stop-Shop Dashboards

  • Market Heat Maps (client + market data)

  • Collaboration (vendor-neutral chat)

  • Gamification (increase adoption, increase data)

  • Voice-enabled Requisitioning

  • Rate Guidance (on-demand, location-specific)

  • Match Index Intelligence (candidate match)

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Smart Track NOW - an out-of-the-box VMS for the mid-market

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