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Mobile Connectivity for a Vendor Management System (VMS)

Gone are the days of workers being glued to their workstations to accomplish their tasks during set hours. Working late no longer means being in the lone lighted office in the building. In the age of electronics, devices of all shapes and sizes allow many jobs to be performed anytime from anywhere. The phrase “going to the office” has become antiquated, as what a person does is no longer partially defined by where a person actually “goes”.

DCR anticipated this growing mobile workforce and the need to allow continued connectivity to its products, including Smart Track VMS. A pioneer in the design of mobile applications for Vendor Management Systems and eProcurement, DCR introduced the first mobile app timecard system in 2009 and soon followed this feat by having the first VMS to offer full access to all features from a tablet device.

Smart Track is architected to provide the identical user experience regardless of the device used to access the system. Since this isn’t a modified version of the program, you and other users don’t need to learn anything new, and since functionality isn’t limited, users aren’t left with partially completed tasks.

Clients, staffing professionals and contingent workers alike can safely and securely conduct activities using any device from any location with an internet connection.

for hiring managers

Freedom for Hiring Managers

Hiring managers can handle all vital and time sensitive actions:

  • Requirement creation and distribution

  • Timesheet review and approval

  • Off-boarding

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Flexibility for Staffing Professionals

Staffing professionals can keep the lifeline of the process flowing:

  • Submittal of candidates to requirements

  • Review the status of candidates and requirements

  • Run and review timesheet reports

independence for a contingent workforce

Independence for a Contingent Workforce

Workers can easily perform necessary tasks:

  • Enter and modify timesheets

  • Create and submit expense reports

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Work Anytime, Anywhere

DCR Workforce offers you the flexibility to manage your contingent workforce from anywhere, at any time. Download the Smart Track mobile app.

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