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We believe that our clients should achieve the greatest value possible from their workforces and investments. At DCR, innovation doesn’t just apply to technology. We are always looking for great new ways to help our customers.

We are committed to helping you realize and maximize the value of your investment. Providing a positive experience for our customers and partners from the very first day that an engagement begins is a key foundation at DCR Workforce.

Configuration and Customization

Configuration & Customization

We believe that every process, every data point, every output should be configurable. Besides unprecedented configurability, our technology solutions are highly flexible to offer any customization that is required to meet business needs.

We don’t just blindly follow recommendations – we ensure that proposed solutions are the perfect fit for your business.

DCR Sure Step

DCR Sure Step

Implementing a new business software is usually a daunting process due to disruptions in productivity and lengthy timelines. DCR Workforce eliminates these concerns altogether.

The DCR Sure Step implementation methodology allows our technology solutions to be up and running very quickly with little impact on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Configuration is constructed to be seamless and without complex code changes to your existing systems. Pre-determined questions and requests are used to gather data, documentation, and specifications in a precise and efficient manner. Information is consolidated, agreements standardized, and process flows derived, all by our implementation team.

We ensure a no-hindrance process from rollout to beyond. The burden of implementation is on us; we own and deliver the program. Just sit back and watch it happen.

Change Management

Change Management

Managing change is critical to the success of any non-employee workforce management program. DCR helps drive effective change management to support our clients’ ongoing business needs and deliver positive business outcomes. We follow a structured change management strategy that drivers higher adoption and acceptance rates.

We believe that change management is a collaborative process. Our approach is to collaborate on a strategic plan and then to implement a holistic solution that considers the interdependencies of business processes, organizational capabilities, and technologies. We take a practical approach to business transformation with the final outcomes focusing on the integration of process improvement, organizational optimization, and technology utilization.

Our proven change management tools and methodology provide a platform that we can adjust and tailor to fit the business needs, culture, and goals of our client. Our change strategies not only create sustainable change, but reproducible processes for future growth.

Customer Support

Customer Support

If you focus on the user, everything else will fall into place. While this premise is found through DCR Workforce, it is especially true for our customer support teams. We use best-in-class tools and methodology to ensure fast and reliable delivery. Our teams are comprised of product experts, user champions, coordinators, and customer support specialists, who turn product innovations into client solutions.

At DCR, customer service doesn’t end with the sale or even after implementation and rollout. We know the key to a successful program is ongoing evolution and adaption to changing business needs. We foster an ecosystem where customer needs are prioritized and actively addressed. Our customer service model ensure that our client doesn’t have to jump through hoops to address concerns by providing a single point of contact.

DCR Client-Success

Client Success Services

Whether involved in product testing or supporting users, our employees all have one collective goal – the success of our customers. We truly care out customer satisfaction. Our employees are evaluated and rewarded based on customer success. Our business model is designed to create sustainable, long-term value for our clients.

DCR Workforce offers a range of services intended to optimize the use of our technology solutions for ongoing value realization. We provide the services you need to get the most value from your investment. Your success is our success.

Training and Education

Training & Education

We aim to simplify adoption of our products and services by delivering training that is cost-effective, well timed, relevant, and comprehensive. At DCR, we understand that you have unique training needs, and provide user-specific training to you staff and suppliers prior to ‘Go Live’ and as new members join your team. Specialized training modules are developed by user role, including program managers, hiring managers, suppliers and approvers, and systems administrators. For suppliers, we provide specialized training for recruiters and for the supplier business contact.

We offer different mediums for training including introduction fairs, live training sessions, web-based and recorded training, tutorials, and online help. DCR also provides detailed documentation on all aspects of your workforce management program and on your instance of the vendor management system. Other documentation includes user guides, FAQs, newsletters, emails, and enhancement reviews.

We partner with you to create and build a customized training and education program that ensures that your team has the resources necessary to successfully adopt and utilize your new program and software.