Ethics and Sustainability Program

DCR core values include integrity, commitment and professionalism, among others. This culture was the driving force behind the implementation of initiatives such as our Veteran’s Program and our Ethics and Sustainability Program.

We believe in conducting business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner as well as in compliance with federal laws and regulations. And we’re committed to operating with integrity as a foundational basis of all our relationships with clients, suppliers, partners, employees and the community at large.

Making it Official

Our approach to building bonds of trust throughout our business dealings has remained the same since inception. And as we continue to grow and strengthen our position as a VMS technology leader, it's imperative to document our approach to dealing with ethics and sustainability.

That’s why we partnered with our client and mentor, Lockheed Martin, to build a solid ethics program. Lockheed Martin is a world-renowned global security and aerospace company with a robust and disciplined ethics program. Naturally, they were our go-to resource in implementing a plan of our own. Together with a Lockheed Martin Ethics Officer, we created a Code of Conduct that holds our employees to the highest standards and goes beyond simple compliance to the law. It has become the guiding force behind each business decision we make.

Sustaining Future Success

We know that our success depends on our ability to remain steadfast to our values and ability to adhere to our Code of Conduct. At the same time, our success is sustained through a community mindset that strengthens business efficiency, reduces consumption and eliminates wasteful practices.

At DCR, we don’t believe in short-term gain at the cost of long-term effects on our society, environment or business. Through our philanthropic efforts (from the executive level through every layer of the organization) we strive to better the communities we live in as well as participate in global charitable organizations. We view corporate sustainability as a critical investment in the future of our business, our partnerships and our world as we grow a greener, cleaner and leaner organization.