Discover a VMS Built Specifically for SOW
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Discover a VMS Built Specifically for SOW

When you do Statement of Work projects, you need a VMS that’s built specifically for SOW. Your average, run-of-the-mill VMS just won’t do.

And if you’re in an industry that lives and breathes compliance and regulatory issues, you don’t have any room for error.

Get our whitepaper so you can see how to handle complex SOW projects and all their changing needs within your VMS including:

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  • Complete lifecycle SOW management - from RFQ to SOW to fulfillment.
  • Multiple suppliers working on a single SOW project.
  • Multiple CWs working on multiple SOW projects and charging hours accordingly.
  • Ability to carve out multiple task orders from a single SOW with various payment schedules.
  • Fixed-price as well as time-and-material projects, with multiple deliverables and sign-offs.
  • Integration to Project Portfolio Management tools with seamless synchronization of projects, phases, tasks and spend allocation, actual spend and completion.

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Claim your “SOW Projects Need a VMS That Can Change with the Times” whitepaper that includes a handy checklist on what to look for in a VMS today!