Core Values

DCR’s Core Values

DCR Mission

At DCR, you’ll see that we do things differently because we see things differently. Come, experience our world. We’ll give you a glimpse into what we do, who we are, our core values and the DCR Way.

What we do

At DCR, one of the most noticeable attributes that sets us apart is that we focus on your needs first and foremost – Customer Delight. Communication is top priority here. We listen to your frustrations, pain points, challenges and fears. Then we diligently work to provide you with the best solution to them.

Before we differentiate what we do, it’s equally important to distinguish what we don’t do:
  • We don’t presume to know everything you need.

  • We don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • We don’t “sell” you on things you may not yet need.

  • We don’t use workarounds.

And here’s what we do:
  • We ask the right questions, then we listen to you.

  • We partner with you and guide you.

  • We make trusted recommendations based on our experience.

  • We rely on your expertise to tell us what you require.

  • We build the solution precisely for your exact needs.

What we do
Who we are

Who we are

We’re not just a team; we’re DCRers! And as a DCRer, we embody certain characteristics you won’t typically find in some of those behemoth companies. Here are five traits central to all DCRers:

  • Cognizance – DCRers are smart people who take action, are always ready to learn and easily adapt to new situations. We don’t just “do a job,” we’re all involved in solving hard problems in real life for our customers, so learning, delivering and performing under intense deadlines with very little guidance is an essential quality in each of us.

  • Leadership – Our leaders focus on “emergent leadership,” which ignores formal titles or designations. Various team members step into leadership roles, contribute and — just as importantly — step back once the need for their specific skill set worked its magic.

  • DCRness – At DCR, not everyone makes the cut. Our team members have a certain “DCRness” about them. They’re comfortable with ambiguity, have a bias toward action and, above all, embody a collaborative nature.

  • Expertise – Everyone here has the experience, background and skills that sets us, our company and our customers up for success. We have an uncommon expertise that goes beyond subject matter expertise to an innate symbiosis.

  • Originality – We are full of creativity, novelty and imagination. DCRers develop radical, breakthrough and revolutionary solutions by brainstorming resourceful, clever and ingenious solutions to common problems. Daydreaming is encouraged!

Our core values

Our core values have remained unchanged because they’re timeless, immutable and enduring values. They include:

  • Surprise – We’re out to exceed your expectations through surprising levels of service, amazing delivery and unexpected value. We’re the “wow-factor” at work for you.

  • Commitment – You’ll experience a commitment that goes beyond mere obligation, because we develop genuine relationships with everyone we partner with.

DCR Core Values
  • Excellence – Excellence is a factor you’ll see with every interaction - from providing outstanding, innovative solutions to unsurpassed communications.

  • Teamwork – There’s no room for finger-pointing here. We work across boundaries and departments to solve issues and develop solutions in a collaborative atmosphere.

  • Respect – Since we’re all in this together, we demand a profound level of respect even, or perhaps especially, under pressure.

  • Integrity – We do what we say and we say what we do. Period.

  • Accountability – Our responsibility to you is to deliver on our commitments without excuse.

  • Citizenship – As citizens of the world, we’re involved in our communities through everything from donations and celebrations to activism and volunteerism.

  • Innovation – You won’t find the same-old, same-old here. Instead, you’ll find our disruptive technological innovation refreshing, revitalizing and industry-leading.

  • All of this culminates in what DCR stands for and our unique way of doing things, known as the DCR Way.


Data Crazy + Collaborative + Research Oriented = DCR

The DCR Way is how we do things. It is how we innovate, collaborate and deliver in the technology ecosystem and engage with the business community to drive sustainable result based on analytics, data and technology. It is grounded in our core values, shared business ethics and uncompromising standards for high performance. It differentiates DCR in the marketplace and is brought to life every day, in everything we do, through our unique maniacal passion, energy and disruptive style.