contingent workforce management from DCR

Contingent Workforce Management

You’ve seen the statistics and you’ve heard the predictions - a contingent workforce is the way of the future. Companies once comprised solely of permanent employees and just the occasional temporary worker now employ anywhere from 25-50% contingent workers or non-employees, defined as independent contractors, temporary staffers, freelancers, and SOW/project personnel. Why the move toward this trend? Depending on business needs, this type of non-employee can be easier to onboard and off-board and, most importantly, can be more cost-effective than traditional employees.

The question before you now is not whether to hire this type of labor (as it seems inevitable) but how to manage it. The answer is simple - DCR’s Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS). No matter the type of industry you are in or the type of systems you already have in place, DCR’s Contingent Workforce Management can help simplify processes, increase efficiency of workflows, monitor and analyze effectiveness, and reduce costs. This is all accomplished using our state-of-the-art technologies, including Smart Track Vendor Management System (VMS), and well-experienced teams from development to implementation and operations.

contingent labor and core business needs

"Old School" – Core Needs

The type of worker and the methods of hiring may be changing but business needs remain the same. Companies require skilled, reliable labor at reasonable cost and need to manage labor-related processes in an efficient manner. DCR ensures these core necessities are met by delivering Total Workforce Management including:

  • Managing the entire hiring lifecycle for all types of workers within a single system

  • Handling all facets of supplier management including negotiating contracts and monitoring performance

  • Seamlessly integrating with industry-leading applications such as ERP and HR programs

  • Providing a single platform in which to “slice and dice” data into varying reports that can be analyzed and viewed to evaluate the impact of contingent labor on overall performance

  • Offering expert support including guidance and best practices recommendations as well as 24/7 technical assistance

contingent workforce solutions from DCR

A New Set of Tools - Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS)

Let's face it, the days of hiring via classified ad are becoming almost as distant as calling by pay phone or listening to a cassette tape. A new generation of workers requires new methods of recruitment and management. DCR’s Contingent Workforce Solutions are pioneering and cutting-edge but still simple to implement and to use, which in itself is innovative as complex and “clunky” processes are left behind. DCR’s advancements in Contingent Workforce Management include:

  • NLP Candidate Match - ensures better matching of candidates to jobs using machine-learning processes

  • “Fill and Bill" - helps meet volatile swings in labor demand by sourcing large volumes of workers from a single requisition and job description

  • Statement of Work (SOW) - gives the freedom to move workers (even “non-billables”) between projects or overlap over multiple projects while still being visible and trackable

  • Sure Step Implementation Methodology - assures Smart Track VMS is operational quickly with little impact on day-to-day business activities

  • Voice-enabled Requirements - enables verbal details of a job description to be entered, saved, and played back as an audio file

  • Social Recruiting Techniques - augments supplier (staffing professional) candidate pools using social media