When Choosing a VMS, Innovations in Vendor Management Systems Technology Can be the Determining Factor According to the 2016 SIG/DCR Report

Boca Raton, FL – October 26, 2016 – A new study Innovations in Vendor Management Systems Technology” from Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), underwritten in part by DCR Workforce (“DCR”), a leader in VMS technology, service procurement and innovation, states that the most innovative Vendor Management System (VMS) technology can be the determining factor in an age of urgency, transformative change and exponential growth.

With almost every function in business processes being automated, services procurement is no exception. “Our inaugural report on Vendor Management Systems revealed that this procurement technology is on the move. Given the increase in contingent, Statement of Work (SOW) and alternative workforce arrangements, buyers are demanding more and getting it,” said Geoff Talbot, Vice President, Member Services Group at SIG. “It is clear that VMS needs to be part of an organization’s technology arsenal. Whatis particularly noteworthy from the report is the advancement in the use of analytics, integration with other systems and the use of “true” cloud technology. These systems have really come a long way in the past few years.”

The world of work is evolving and top VMS providers are innovating features and functions to keep pace. Some of those areas include:

  • User experience and integrations

  • Analytics, mobile and machine learning

  • Supplier and talent management

  • Configuration and rate/tax management

  • Service procurement

  • Implementation and best practices

“A power shift, driven by business practice innovations using the internet, cloud, predictive data analytics and mobile-first, has expanded choices for customers. DCR is a company to watch for its innovation,” said John Sculley, Former Apple CEO and Pepsi-Cola President. “Now customers are paying more attention to the opinions of other customers than to the reputation of long-established incumbents who may have been market leaders.”

DCR is a company to watch for its innovation, according to the SIG report, and Smart Track VMS uses the ability to learn from the client in conjunction with outside market conditions to make strategic prescriptive actions and proactive deliverables for a mobile and global workforce.

“Smart Track is one of the most innovative Vendor Management Systems in the industry,” said Ammu Warrier, President, DCR. “We are constantly innovating at DCR – and we call it ‘innovation as usual’ because our VMS is evolving so fast that it may not be the same VMS as it was last week.”

To receive the study from SIG and DCR, that emphasizes innovations in VMS technology, click here to download.

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