Smart Track is the Only VMS to Use Gamification to Increase User Adoption and Inclusion and Keep Talent Engaged

Boca Raton, FL – March 22, 2016 – DCR Workforce (“DCR”) has taken its premier Vendor Management System (VMS) Smart Track and configured it into a fun, points- and awards-based system for users, creating the industry’s only VMS ever designed with gamification to increase user adoption and inclusion. To celebrate this, DCR is giving away a white paper entitled "Solve Your New Technology Adoption, Inclusion and Engagement Woes with Gamification" which includes a handy checklist of what to look for in gamification programs.

“We know that it’s human nature to avoid change. We also know that it’s human nature to want to feel appreciated, get rewarded and feel like part of a community,” says Rich Piva, Director of Implementation and Client Services at DCR. “So we took change management and flipped it on its head with our built-in fun, rewarding, points-based gamification system where users earn real prizes based on their company’s objectives. Now users are competing for prizes and the bonus of bragging rights, and the VMS is being used entirely – to everyone’s benefit.”

Gamification is used in many industries and especially with consumers to create engagement and a sense of community. DCR is proud to be the first, and currently only, provider to bring this concept to the VMS marketplace. We started with Smart Track xCHANGE, which uses gamification to keep tabs on the talent so companies could easily see who was available at what time to easily rehire on a contract basis in the future. That was a hit with clients, suppliers and independent contractors. It was a natural segue to move gamification to our premiere product, Smart Track.

DCR has revolutionized how much faster, easier and smoother it is to use all of the functionalities in Smart Track by building in points, badges, leaderboards and a community. Plus, due to its transparency, each user can not only see their own points, but they can see where they stack up against the competition.

To learn more about leveraging a VMS with increased user adoption and engagement with built-in gamification for your industry, check out all our other resources on gamification including our brochure “Gamification to Engage and Excite Users,” our fact sheet “Badges and Levels and Leaderboards, Oh My!” and our customer success story “Let the Games Begin!”.

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