Smart Track is the First VMS Geared Exactly for the Nuclear and Power Energy Industry

Boca Raton, FL – March 1, 2016 – DCR Workforce (“DCR”) has taken its premier Vendor Management System (VMS) Smart Track and configured it to work seamlessly within the exacting requirements demanded by the nuclear and power energy industry, creating the first VMS ever designed specifically to ease the act of onboarding, managing and off-boarding thousands of non-employees and contingent workers for a planned nuclear outage. To celebrate this, DCR is giving away a hot sheet on the “7 Steps to a Seamless Planned Nuclear Reactor Power Outage”.

“Today’s non-employee workforce is more complex than ever,” says Christopher J. Dwyer, Research Director, Ardent Partners. “In an industry that is not only reliant on compliant processes for safety, but also preparedness for spikes in the usage of non-employee workers due to planned outage events, it is crucial for businesses in the energy sector to have the right platforms, including VMS technology, in place to support their contingent workforce management programs.”

Nuclear energy plant outages require a very specific skillset, have to factor in for a traveling workforce and must deal with increasingly tighter compliance issues than ever before. Costs can easily skyrocket if not properly controlled, and safety is always a factor. Although these issues may create a challenging situation, working with the right VMS technology is imperative to developing a seamless process.

Due to many complexities, there is a small pool of suppliers who support this type of work, and there is a fixed group of travelling skilled laborers who move from plant to plant nationwide based on outage schedules. Compounding that, there’s a complex method of calculating wages based on training or type of actual work performed.

DCR has created a process that’s so smooth, there are minimal touch points. We’ve taken a complex series of steps and simplified them. In essence, Smart Track has condensed the entire process for hiring non-employees through automation, thereby reducing risks and ensuring compliance through an adaptive platform.

“For high-tech industries in particular, the days of one-size-fits-all software solutions are gone,” says Rich Piva, Director of Implementation and Client Services at DCR. “DCR provides a cloud-based system that gives our clients in the nuclear energy industry an easy-to-implement, lightning-fast-to-learn software so they’re up-and-running in less than 30 days with safety and security as a top priority.”

To learn more about leveraging a VMS for the nuclear and power energy industry, check out this fact sheet, “Are You on the Smart Track to Managing Your Contingent Workforce?” on critical capabilities to consider.

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