DCR Workforce Launches Smart Track NOW – a Scalable VMS Catering to Mid-market Organizations’ Immediate Need to Manage Their Extended Workforce

Delivering a VMS that’s up-and-running in one week, Smart Track NOW provides full scalability to enterprise-level functionality as the company’s needs and requirements change

Boca Raton, FL – April 6, 2017 – DCR Workforce (DCR), a leading Vendor Management System(VMS) for extended workforce and service procurement solutions, has reimagined how a VMS is configured and implemented, and is proud to announce the launch of Smart Track NOW – an out-of-the-box VMS solution for mid-market organizations – that can grow and scale up as the company’s needs and system requirements grow, while maintaining an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, delivered in just one week.

Listen in as our Client Delivery Specialists explain how Smart Track NOW works: 

The number of contingent workers is multiplying quickly and trickling down into every level of business. As this occurs, there are three main factors that affect a company’s bottom line: 1) the potential risk to companies who neglect to comply with employee classification laws; 2) the inability to gain insight into the non-employee base to analyze data and make strategic business decisions; and 3) the maverick spend that may occur without a complete system to oversee all the details.

To mitigate these circumstances, companies typically enlist a Vendor Management System. However, enterprise-level systems often take months to implement and may be too costly or complex for mid-market companies, leaving many organizations open to misclassification penalties, poor decision-making and a dwindling bottom line.

“The evolution of the non-employee workforce knows no bounds and impacts businesses of all sizes,” said Christopher J. Dwyer, Vice President of Research at Ardent Partners. “Most mid-sized organizations lack both the program maturity and technological prowess to harness the power of today’s Vendor Management System platforms, even though the automation, agility and flexibility of these solutions would transform their contingent workforce management (CWM) programs. In today’s fast-paced, changing world of work, businesses in this sector cannot afford to take on the new era of non-employee workforce management without a foundation in VMS technology.”

As such, the visionaries at DCR have reimagined a breakthrough solution that not only works for a company’s needs now, but also has the ability to scale and grow as the company’s needs grows, so there is no need to replace the entire system or go through another expensive implementation and accompanying learning process.

Smart Track NOW is an unparalleled VMS solution for both today and tomorrow that levels the playing field, provides immediate ROI and lowers total cost of ownership, while still providing room for growth. To discover all of the capabilities, read the details in “Smart Track NOW – Mid-market VMS Solution” brochure.

“We built Smart Track NOW on a Smart Agile framework in the cloud, and streamlined it with an out-of-the-box configuration that allows the team to define, build and deliver an express implementation in an unheard-of one week timeframe,” said Ammu Warrier, DCR’s President and Technopreneur.

True to their Product Roadmap, DCR’s focus continues to remain on innovation, customer first and delivering lasting, meaningful solutions that provide immediate ROI to customers from day one. Clients can invest in the solution, be up-and-running fast and see results immediately – plus feel secure knowing they will not outgrow Smart Track NOW next month or next year. It allows clients to perform integrations (HRIS, Financial and other software) or add more advanced modules later.

To understand how Smart Track NOW is pioneering unparalleled innovations in the VMS landscape, read “Smart Track NOW – Mid-market VMS Solution” for an overview, then call 1-888-DCR-4VMS or email stnow@dcrworkforce.com to request a demo. 

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DCR is a leading provider of extended workforce management and services procurement solutions. Smart Track NOW is our cloud-based Vendor Management System, based on agile, innovative and adaptive technology, and provides a unified approach to managing all aspects of extended workforce and non-employee engagement, as it can scale from basic VMS functionality to enterprise-level global services procurement requirements. http://www.dcrworkforce.com

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