DCR Workforce’s Implementation Summit and Customer Advisory Panel are Orchestrating Innovation

Boca Raton, FL – May 3, 2016 – DCR Workforce, a leading provider of Vendor Management Systemsolutions,today announced the successful collaboration of its Global Implementation Summit in conjunction with its Customer Advisory Board l Innovation Summit to produce the next generation of industry innovations it will be rolling out throughout 2016.

DCR Workforce (also known as DCR) is paving the way in many industries by assisting clients manage their contingent workforce through an award-winning VMS. Through these Summits, DCR develops a customer-centric direction to create transformative solutions in Smart Track.

During the Summits, DCR Workforce works closely with VIP clients in identifying industry trends and assisting in developing the overall strategic vision for our product including:

  • Feedback to our Product Roadmap recent releases

  • Constructive changes to our Sure Step implementation procedures for new customers

  • Up-to-the-minute micro messaging for existing customers during new feature roll-outs

  • Specifications for advanced data analytics and action steps for advanced users

  • And many other ideas we’re in the process of composing for all customers

We bring innovation to the table even during these Summits with graffiti walls and games to get the creative juices flowing.

“Our most important job during these Summits is to ask the big questions, then sit back and listen,” says Naveen Dua, Vice President of Solutions. “We want our customers to know that we are true partners with them and take their needs very seriously.”

The future forward plan at DCR Workforce for 2016 involves several new releases to resolve pain points including the following:

Image title“We’re orchestrating innovation together with our valued customers,” says Rich Piva, Director of Implementation and Client Services and innovations expert. “And this synergy continues to grow and make Smart Track the best VMS in the industry.”

To learn more about DCR’s Customer Advisory Board, click here.

Watch our Implementation Summit Video to see what makes us leaders in the VMS industry.

About DCR Workforce

DCR Workforce is a leading service provider of contingent workforce management and services procurement solutions. Through our award-winning cloud-based Smart Track Vendor Management System (VMS), we provide a unified approach to managing all aspects of non-employee engagement. Smart Track VMS is an innovative, modern, and adaptive technology foundation that’s built on the premises of simplicity and ease from end-to-end. DCR Workforce combines the knowledge and the technology needed to analyze, understand and act on all aspects of contingent workforce management. Click here to learn more.

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