DCR Headed for Sweet Spot with Audacious Vision for Predictive Analytics in VMS Innovation

Boca Raton, FL – February 4, 2016 - On the heels of a phenomenal 2015 year which saw more than 300% year-over- year growth, DCR, a leading provider of Vendor Management System solutions, and ranked by analysts in the top three VMS providers in the world, today announced it is launching “2016 Product Roadmap: Building a Future Forward VMS” to showcase a sample of industry innovations it will be rolling out throughout 2016, including predictive analytics to help clients anticipate changes in the gig economy.

DCR (also known as DCR Workforce) is paving the way in many industries by assisting clients manage their contingent, non-employee and SOW workforce through an award-winning VMS so it can support winning the war for talent.

The dramatic explosion of the gig economy is only fueling the need for a cloud-based, flexible software that can handle the perpetually evolving landscape in this field. According to some estimates, gigsters are set to comprise nearly 45 percent of the U.S. economy in the coming years. What that means for the average company is that they need to be nimble enough to predict when needs will arise for contingent workers, effectively manage that workforce following all regulations and efficiently onboard and off-board those workers.

“We look at it like this: Companies are perched on the edge of the mountain staring at the finish line,” says Naveen Dua, company Data Scientist and master of strategic innovation. “They’re either going to ski down fast, ski down slow or fall down. The companies that ski down fast are looking for talent in many areas, not just their own back yard - but across the country and even the globe. And what they need is a VMS that is just as nimble to manage their contingent workers. That’s exactly what we’ve built.”

The future forward plan at DCR for 2016 involves:

  • A strong push toward helping global customers manage their globalization initiatives throughfill-and-bill statement of work (SOW) management as well as a safe harbor solution for data centers in various nations.

  • Giving our staffing partners, non-employees and freelancers more access to information through mobilization with Smart Track xCHANGE (DCR’s freelance and non-employee ecosystem), and a new user interface for Smart Track Mobile to optimize a workforce that’s continually on the move.

  • Collaboration with suppliers, workers and our own idealab to develop amazing, ground-breaking features.

  • Increasingly intensifying our analyzation of metrics – whether it’s through insights gleaned through gamification or taking a deeper look into predictive analytics as to what works and what doesn’t within the proprietary OPEN SIMSIM framework.

“Our sweet spot with our clients is developing the most progressive capabilities and innovative solutions for our clients,” says Ammu Warrier, President of DCR and leader of technological innovations. “This year we’re focusing on fine-tuning our predictive analytics, among many other very exciting features that we can’t wait to roll out to help our clients be the first to cross the finish line.”

This 2016 Roadmap will help DCR stay on track and true to its main goals of remaining flexible and responsive to customers, continuing to provide fresh solutions and bringing ideas to market quickly with little red tape.

Exciting things are underway at DCR according to their two-minute “2016 Future Forward Product Roadmap” video:

“We’re not just leading the industry, we’re innovating and providing the roadmap that other companies will look at and say that this is the direction the industry needs to go,” says Rich Piva, Director of Implementation and Client Services and innovations expert. “So, really, for DCR and Smart Track, the future is now.”

Read more about DCR’s planned innovations in the “2016 Product Roadmap: Building a Future Forward VMS”.

About DCR

DCR is a leading service provider of contingent workforce management and services procurement solutions. Through our award-winning cloud-based Smart Track Vendor Management System (VMS), we provide a unified approach to managing all aspects of non-employee engagement. Smart Track VMS is an innovative, modern, and adaptive technology foundation that’s built on the premises of simplicity and ease from end-to-end. DCR combines the knowledge and the technology needed to analyze, understand and act on all aspects of a contingent talent management program.

DCR stands for Data Crazy + Collaborative + Research Oriented. The DCR Way is how we do things. It’s how we innovate, collaborate and deliver in the technology ecosystem and engage with the business community to drive sustainable results based on analytics, data and technology. It’s grounded in our core values, shared business ethics and uncompromising standards for high performance.

It differentiates DCR in the marketplace and is brought to life every day, in everything we do, through our unique maniacal passion, energy and disruptive style.

DCR delivers VMS solutions to optimize the way companies manage their contingent workforce, staffing partners and indirect services spend. Our team of subject matter experts guarantees peace of mind by safeguarding against the leading areas of non-employee risk. We offer clients innovative talent acquisition solutions with measurable ROI, ensuring the right talent at the right time in the right place.

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