DCR’s solutions for non-employee workforce management and service procurement are disrupting the global software industry. Our applications are tremendously intuitive, highly innovative, extremely flexible, and incredibly powerful. Aimed at providing our clients with technology and service solutions that optimize the way companies manage their contingent workforce, staffing suppliers, and services spend, DCR is committed to building for the future.


Our customers are at the heart of all our business decisions. The question, “How will this affect our customers?”, guides everything we do. That’s why we have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among contingent workforce solution providers.

In over 20 years of operations, we have never lost a client. Now that’s a record!

DCR Workforce, our products, and our executives have been widely recognized and have received countless awards for our dedication to customers and our commitment to building innovative and effective solutions.


At DCR, we understand that business users want business software that is not only easy to use, but simple to implement. Our solutions are designed to be both.

In just a snap, users understand how the system works, where to go, and what to do. Our goal is to simplify technology with a product that is easy to navigate through, has intuitive user features, and requires minimal knowledge.


DCR Workforce was built upon innovation. It’s an integral part of our roots, our nature, and our culture. Our commitment to a creative, unrestricted work environment encourages the development of ideas for new products and services that empower our clients to grow and manage their businesses around the world.

We believe that innovation is one of the keys to success in moving forward. Our workplace operates on the principle of “innovation as usual” where innovation is integrated into every aspect of our organizational environment.

We continuously strive to create the best outcomes for our client through simple and creative solutions. If you are not currently thinking of the future, you are already behind. We understand this concept and work with our customers on a daily basis to forge the best solutions for today while also visualizing the steps for tomorrow.

Whether it’s through the services we offer, the approach we take towards technology development, or the solutions we design for our clients, DCR views innovation as a strategic business practice – it’s what keeps us ahead of the curve.


At DCR, intelligence is not just a feature that includes reporting and analytics, but rather a concept that we apply to every part of our business practice from product design and configuration to implementation and operations. Our services as well as our suite of products make it easy for you to collect and use the data you need to make the best choices regarding your workforce.


You shouldn’t have to wait for your business software to catch up to the industry norm. We respond quickly to customer demands, and our rapid development cycles ensure that your technology is always ahead of the market. We employ the Agile methodology which is derived of short, defined springs and iterations so that we can deliver and assimilate high-quality software in a manner that is fast and efficient.

At DCR, we ensure that you’ll never miss out on the “latest and greatest” modernizations.


In this era of changing workforce demographics and an increasingly global and mobile labor market, companies of all sizes are relying heavily on non-employee labor to bridge gaps and reduce costs. At DCR, we understand your workforce must be flexible and believe a technology solution to manage such a workforce should be as well. We offer a program that can be customized and configured to do just that.

Many technology systems offer some customization but are often limited and sacrifice compatibility, requiring a business to alter its operations. We offer an alternative – a solution allowing virtually unlimited customization and that also assimilates with other applications. The flexibility we offer will not only get your company ahead of the competition but ensure it stays there.


As companies continue to expand world-wide, the need to understand the rules, regulations, and environments affecting their global labor forces becomes greater. DCR has a proven history of helping global companies source and manage their flexible, non-employee workforces around the world to meet their global initiatives, all through a single platform. Our software and services are used in over 40 countries by clients in industries such as aerospace/defense, chemical manufacturing, hospitality/entertainment, and advertising and include categories such as information technology, engineering, business processing, and touch labor.

Whether your workers are in Milwaukee or in Paris or in Singapore, DCR Workforce can help you with your global requirements.

Data Crazy + Collaborative + Research Oriented = DCR

The DCR Way is how we do things. It is how we innovate, collaborate, and deliver in the technology ecosystem and engage with the business community to drive sustainable result based on analytics, data, and technology. It is grounded in our core values, shared business ethics, and uncompromising standards for high performance.

It differentiates DCR in the marketplace and is brought to life every day, in everything we do, through our unique maniacal passion, energy, and disruptive style.