Smart Track - Vendor Management System Software

Smart Track, DCR’s innovative cloud-based workforce supply chain management software, redefines the role of contingent workforce vendor management systems (VMS) – automating transactions, ensuring policy compliance and supporting critical decision-making.

smart track
  • Smart Track streamlines processes for centralized job order creation and distribution, candidate screening and selection, onboarding, time management, billing, and vendor evaluation.
  • Innovative features utilizing social media open up new sources of contingent workers.
  • Smart Track is a mobile vendor management system - accessible through any standard browser on desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets or smartphones. No additional hardware or software licenses are required.
  • Within Smart Track vendor management system, more than 200 standard reports and an easy-to-use report generator provide on demand access to all contingent workforce management information.
  • Contextual data decision support assists in candidate selection, worker type selection, and vendor selection.
  • Advanced predictive analytics bring together historical transactional data with external contingent workforce data to uncover trends, generate market intelligence and benchmark your program.

  • Smart Track facilitates selection, negotiations, creation of contractual agreements and evaluations of staffing vendors.
  • Smart Track includes a proposal request module, allowing you to create and distribute a request for proposal, evaluate responses, select best bids, and then automatically generates a Statement of Work and contract from the vendor responses.
  • Smart Track serves as your central repository of all contingent workforce resource profiles, supporting documentation and audit records of all transactions.
  • Rule-based workflows, approval processes, notifications and alerts ensure complete compliance with corporate policies and government regulations.

Smart Track offers the industry’s most flexible vendor management system. By simply selecting options, our clients establish and quickly modify business rules, workflows, hierarchies, and role-based access and approval rights. Built-in connectors to leading ERP, timekeeping and HRIS systems enable rapid assimilation into your existing information environments.

Representative Client Work

Leading Aerospace Company Reduced Costs by 15% Annually


The Smart Track vendor management system provided needed visibility in a highly decentralized organization, allowing the client to accurately forecast spend on the global contingent workforce, align costs with market-driven rates, implement controls to eliminate “rogue spending” and overspending, and conduct “what-if scenarios” for staffing and outsourcing upcoming projects.

Leading Technology Firm Accelerated Critical Projects While Reducing Costs by Redesigning Workforce Composition


Using the Engagement Toolkit and workforce modeling capabilities embedded within the Smart Track vendor management system, our client built a workforce composition model that factored in skills, cost and location to provide the best mix of staffing agency workers and outsourced project teams. The result: three projects completed on time and under budget.

Defense Contractor Achieved 100% Compliance


Controls and audit capabilities within Smart Track enabled the client to properly compensate 900 SCA-classified contingent workers, including those working for 50 sub-contractors. Smart Track offers more stringent compliance controls than any other vendor management system.

Global Company Relied on Former Employees to Reduce Time to Fill and Labor Costs


Smart Track capabilities go beyond traditional vendor management systems to support specialized talent communities. The VMS automatically searched the client’s previous employees registered in its alumni database, placing 60 workers in two weeks at a 30% reduction to normal bill rates.

International Defense Contractor Filled 600+ Positions in One Week


Smart Track enables vendors to rapidly and effectively respond to urgent resource requests. When forced to immediately backfill more than 600 positions, Smart Track’s Fill & Bill module and crowdsourcing capabilities were employed to successfully source and onboard the needed contingent workers.

Decentralized F500 Company Leveraged Enterprise-Wide Buying Power


To encourage the participation of numerous autonomous business units (BU), our Smart Track Vendor Management System provided BU-specific contingent workforce management workflows - each with separate approval processes and process owners - all tied to the enterprise-wide business rules and reporting requirements.